About us- Where Your Barber is a Trusted Friend.
Our Mission is to provide a quality service in a family friendly environment at an affordable price. 

Our Barbers consult with our clients through out the haircut in order to ensure that they are completely satisfied when they look in the mirror before they leave.

Our Barbers are always willing to provide information about hair products that they have found to be helpful with any kind of hair type or issues. But we do not sell product.

Coal Creek Barbers was founded by Roger Nairn over two decades ago. It was first located in the Coal Creek Shopping Area until Roger bought the building that was originally a restaurant, owned by the family of The Blue Parrot, on South Public Road. This is where Coal Creek Barbers made it self known in the town of Lafayette.  

Roger Nairn passed away on September 29, 2006.  My Husband Peter Danny and I bought the shop from his family in December of 2006. My husband had come to work for Roger with the intention of buying the shop from Roger when he retired. Unfortunately life does not always go as planned.  

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