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Thank You to the Ponderosa Vigilantes Barbershop Quartet for joining us for our 2007 Holiday Open House. 
"Shaving and barbers used to be synonymous. In fact, the very term barber comes from the latin,barba, which means beard. Nowadays, we forget that every man has a beard. Webster gives two definitions of beard:'(a) the hair that grows on the chin, cheeks and around the lips, especially of a man;hence a mark of virility; (b) this hair ...when worn long or trimmed in various shapes.' " 
"On the average, a mans's beard covers one third of a square foot, and consists of about 15,500 whiskers." pg. 89

-The American Barbershop
Photos and text by Mic Hunter

In the year 2007 Bob Burger came to our shop to tell his stories about the History of Lafayette and his experience as Mayor. We loved seeing Bob every day working at the business next to the barbershop. On May 17, 2015 Bob passed away. We miss him dearly. Thank you Bob for your service to Lafayette.
 Boulder Weekly 
Best of Boulder East County 
2014 Winner

Boulder Weekly 
Best of Boulder East County
2015 Winner

Boulder Weekly 
Best of Boulder County 
2016 Winner
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in the Longmont Daily Times-Call
(featuring our President and other local barbers in the area)
A few Good Men
By Pam Mellskog

 Where Your Barber is a Trusted Friend
Please be aware that there may be a small wait time when you make an appointment.
Dan does his best to keep with everyone's appointment time 
He does not turn people away if they are late
He does not ask for credit cards ahead of time so that he can charge for no shows 
so please do your best to show up on time
Be courteous to other clients as best you can
Be understanding of the how many clients Dan serves each day
dedicating 16-17 hours five days a week to make sure those who need a haircut get their haircut.

We used to be just a walk in only barbershop. At a point in time this became an issue for our clients due to the long wait times. Clients would have up to three hour wait times. We listened to our clients about how hard this was for many of them to wait that long. So our answer to this problem was to have Dan take appointments only and to have some part time barbers who took walk ins only.

We realize that no matter what we cannot please everyone. One client who is late can throw the entire day of appointments off schedule making the clients for the rest of the day have to wait. 
We could start to charge extra or turn clients away who are late but that is not who we are. 
We could take credit cards ahead of time and charge a base fee for no shows like many other shops are starting to do but that is not who we are as a business and people.
We could also give more time to each appointment but this would mean increased prices and it would not solve the time issue.

​We appreciate the understanding and patience of all our loyal clients. Thank you for continuing to support your local businesses.