Specialists- Locally Grown and Cut
Dan Martin                     Jamie Martin B.S.W
Barber                            Manager
President                       Vice President

Dan is the President of Coal Creek Barbers. Barbering is a family profession that has been passed on through several generations.  

                                                 He is a Perfectionist at heart. So he will work with you until you get exactly what you 
                                                 want. He is great at Flat tops and Fades.
                                                 Please call to make an appointment 

                                                   Cherie Holden 
                                                   "Hi, My name is Cherie. I've been a Barber since 1985. I love 
                                                     what I do, and am so blessed  
                                                     to have such a wonderful
                                                    place to work as Coal Creek
                                                   Come in any time as she is our walk in lady on Mondays, Tuesdays!


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Dan and I are Colorado Natives. We have been married for 15 years.  We have five children in our family. 
We are all about family in our personal life and in our business life.  We hope that it is as evident to you as it is to us when you visit us at our family owned Barbershop. While you are in the shop please feel free to look around and enjoy the photography that we have displayed, done by yours truly. 
Jamie Martin B.S.W.
Vice President